Sustainable Campus Project

Environmental Sensing System for Environmental Education

Taiwan Sustainable Campus Project promoted by Ministry of Education has fairly achieved in reforming energy saving and healthy campuses with biological diversity surroundings and sustainability education. The lab studies the alteration results of environmental reformation  and sustainability education of the Taiwan Sustainable Campus Project. Moreover, along with the processing of technology, ICT (Information, Communication, Technology) has penetrated our everyday life, even replaced old-fashion teaching aids, which motivates us to develop both software and hardware system for better aiding sustainability education.

Below are ongoing projects:
[1] Assessment of the Taiwan Sustainable Campus Project operation result
[2] Result assessment of adapting ICT for sustanibility educaition aiding software and hardware
[3] Development of interior environmental sensing system and of interaction activity design

Luminance value comparison of high pericision Luminanace meter and camera built-in iPadUsing screen of the APP our lab developed