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2013 PhD Course:

KUO, TI-CHUN [ A Study on Applying the SBTOOL2008 Performance of Green Building Case study in Taiwan – the empirical analysis of the second assessment group for “Daylight and Illumination” ]

2013 Master Course:

TSAI, MINA [ Study on Zero Energy Home Design Strategies in the Climatic of Yunlin City ]

2014 Master Course:

JAN, BO-YU [ The Development of Numerical Simulation for Adsorptive Building Material Applied on Indoor Environment ]
LIAO, WEN-YU [ The Study on the Noise of Residential Plumbing Equipments ]
WU, CHENG-YU [ Study on Design Strategies for Zero Energy Home under Kaohsiung climate ]
SUN, BIN-LY [ Study on simple diagnostic system design for indoor environmental quality in classroom ], Architectural Institute of Taiwan, 2014 Excellent Thesis Award
LAI, YU-CHIEH [ Study on Light Shelf and Ceiling Forms Applied on Typical Rowhouse in Kaohsiung ], Architectural Institute of Taiwan, 2014 Excellent Thesis Award
CHEN, CHI-HUNG [ Study on Ventilation efficiency of balcony combined with baffles and wind tower in row houses ]

2015 PhD Course:

YEH, YU-CHUN [ Prognosis and Assessment of Moisture Buffering Materials Applied in Residential Building ]

2015 Master Course (Part-time):

LIN, HAN-CHANG [ Study on the Improvement of Microbial Pollution in Air-Conditioning Systems via Nano-Zinic Anti-microbial Coating ]

2015 Master Course:

CHANG, YI-AN [Study on the applicability of emitted characteristics from building materials by micro chamber method-PVC tiles/paints as example ], Architectural Institute of Taiwan, 2015 Excellent Thesis Award
CHIU, WEI-CHIEH [ Evaluation of Vertical Greening Design for Balcony Regarding Natural Ventilation under Tainan Climate], Architectural Institute of Taiwan, 2015 Excellent Thesis Award
HUANG, CHIAO-TING [ Effect of Finishing Coatings on Moisture Buffering Performance of Wood Materials ]
TIAN, CHU-HAO [ Impacts and Improvement of Classroom Noise on School Courtyard Acoustics ]
YU, SSU-HUI [ Evaluating the Feasibility of CO2-derived Estimation as an Indicator of Ventilation Rate ] (Co-Advisor: Prof. SU, HUEY-JEN)
WEI, MIAO-YAUG [ WSD for Working and Living ] (Co-Advisor: Prof. LIOU, SHUENN-REN)

2016 Master Course:

TSENG, WEI-LING [ Experiments and Evaluation of Moisture Buffering Performance of Wood Composite Board ], Architectural Institute of Taiwan, 2016 Excellent Thesis Award
KO, TING-WEI [ The Improvement of Floor Impact Sound Reduction by Using Covering and Damping Material of Wooden Flooring ]
HSIEH, YUN-HAO [ Evaluation of Vertical Greening Design for Balcony Regarding Indoor Thermal Environment and Energy Consumption under Tainan Climate ], Architectural Institute of Taiwan, 2016 Excellent Thesis Award

2017 PhD Course:

FENG, CHUN-HAO [ Improvement Strategies of Floor Insulation Performance in Existing Dwellings ]

2017 Master Course (Part-time):

HUNG, CHENG-YI [ The Effect of Moisture Buffering Performance of Wood Composite Board using different experimental methods ]

2017 Master Course:

LIN, CHIEN-HSUN [ Expanded Metal Mesh Combined with Trailing Plant Apply on Balcony as Greenery Systems ]
LUMEI-CHEN [ Study on Adjustment Strategies of Residential Building for Susceptible Populations under Climate Change ]

2018 Master Course:

HSU, CHIN-YU [ Investigation and Improvement Strategies of Indoor Biological Pollution: A Case Study of Library ]
YANG, CHIH-HUNG [ Evaluation of Expanded Metal Mesh Applied on Building Façades Regarding Daylight and Energy Consumption: A Case Study of an Office Building in Tainan ]
WANG, PO-YAO [ Evaluation and Improvement of Room Acoustics at Rock Music Venues – A Case Study of Small Live House ]
LIN, CHUAN-HSUAN [ Study on the Adoption Factors of Building Performance Simulation Software in Architectural Design Practice ]

2019 Master Course (Part-time):

TSAI, RU-YIN [ Study on the Concentration Modelling of Formaldehyde and TVOC Emission from Mul-ti-layer Wooden Materials-A Case Study on Interior Design of Residential Buildings ]

2019 Master Course:

LIU, YU-TUNG [ Air-conditioning System Design Strategy for Distribution of IAQ and Thermal Comfort in a Terraced Lecture Room ]
FAN, CHEN-CHI [ Research on Smart HVAC System for Improving Productivity ]
CHEN, BO-RUI [ Assessment of Integrated BPA Tools in Architectural Design Education ]
YANG, CHIEH-TING [ A Study on the Sound Insulation Performance of Cross Laminated Timber used in Interior Walls of Buildings ]
TANG, CHEN [ A Study on the Sound Insulation Performance of Cross Laminated Timber used in Interior Walls of Buildings ]

2020 Master Course:

TSENG, PIN-CHIEH [ A study on Sound absorption performance of expanded metal mesh with folding structure ]
LEE, YU-TING [ Strategies for Air Distribution and Acoustics Improvements in a Multi-Purpose Gymnasium: A Case Study ]
TSAI, MENG-CHUN [ Personal Control of Lighting:Effect of Color Temperature and Illuminance on Physiology, Psychology and Productivity ]
CHEN, YU-HAN [ Life-Cycle Assessment of Construction Methods for Building Envelope Renovation of Row Houses in Taiwan ]
MA, FA-XIN [ Product Development of Combination Panel-Membrane Resonant Absorber ]

LI, HSIN-LUN [ Exploring the Potential of Free-Form Surfaces for Air Particulate Removal – A Case Study of Atrium Space ]

2021 PhD Course:

HUANG, KUN-CHIH [ Efficiency and Performance Tests of the Sorptive Building Materials that Reduce Indoor Formaldehyde Concentrations ]
LIN, JUI-YEN [ Development of Expanded Metal Mesh Applied to Indoor Sound-Absorbing Materail ]
LIN, CHUAN-HSUAN [ Machine Learning and Sustainable Architectural Design-A demonstration of parametric facade design and performance optimization ]

2021 Master Course:

WU, MIN-SHIUN [ Assessment of Multi-objective Optimization Tools in Architectural Design Education]
CHEN, MIN-YANG [ Development of a Multi-objective Optimization Tool of Wind Field and Thermal Comfort for Congregate Housing ]
YEH, CHIU-YU [ Using Machine Learning to Predict Indoor Acoustic Indicators of Multi-functional Activity Centers ]

2022 PhD Course:

CHEN, RUI-JUN [ Integrated Strategy of Building Performance Optimization: Carbon Emission, LCC, and Thermal Comfort ]

2022 Master Course (Part-time):

CHEN, YI-CHENG [ Carbon Footprint Assessment of Kaohsiung LOHAS Building]

2022 Master Course:

SHIH, YA-WEN [ Design Strategies of Forced Ventilation in Industrial Architecture for Thermal Comfort Improvement]
LIN, YU-CHEN [ Application of Machine Learning in Passive Design Architecture: An Example of Thermal Comfort Assessment for Façade Design ]
JHENG, HUEI-YU [ A Tool for The Early Stage Carbon Footprint in Building Design ]
CHEN, CHENG-WEI [ A Research on Properties of Vertical Sound-Absorbing Panels ]