Large-scale architectural environmental control laboratory

1. NCKU Architectural Acoustics Laboratory (AA Lab): TAF certified laboratory, operates soundproofed material, sound absorption, etc. study and measurement
2. Full-scale Climate Chamber: For natural ventilation and air conditioning system study in full-scale climate chamber.

Indoor Environment Quality Facilities

1. Indoor Air Quality and Thermal Environment

.Building Material Moisture Property Small-Scale Environmental Control Box: for Moisture Buffering, Moisture Conductivity, Adsorption Isothermal of building material measurement.
.Psychrometer: measuring and automatically data recording air temperature and humidity.
.Hot-wire Anemometer: measuring and automatically data recording indoor wind velocity.
.Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Concentration Meter: measuring COConcentration and tracer gas test for ventilation rate.
.Direct-reading Formaldehyde (HCHO) Concentration Meter: measuring HCHO concentration in air with solid-state electronics sensor.

2. Light Environment

.Solarimeter: measuring solar full wavelength of solar radiation.
.Luxmeter: measuring indoor illumination intensity.

3. Acoustic Environment

.Noise meter: measuring acoustical pressure.

Collaborator Facilities.

1. Tokyo Polytechnic University , Japan, Wind Engineering Research Center
2. Ministry of the Interior, ROC(Taiwan), Architecture and Building Research Institute, Performance Experiment Center
3. National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, Green Building Material Acoustic Performance Laboratory.